V-500 Board

The V-500 Board of Directors are hard-working volunteers who care share a common passion and gratitude for Valley City State University. The board is a mix of alumni and friends of the University, who appreciate what VCSU has done for them, the community and the region.

Board of Directors 2017-2018

  • Tommy Bergan
  • Bill Carlblom
  • Jackie Cordie
  • Tom Glandt
  • Rachael Koch
  • Dewey Magnuson
  • Tyler Marthaler
  • Dean Pedersen
  • Ross Pritchert
  • Casey Stoudt Jr.
  • Loni Trapp
  • VCSU Faculty Representative

    Sharon Bratrud
    Angela Williams

  • VCSU Staff Representative President

    Erica Buchholz

  • VCSU Staff Representative Vice President

    Kelli Heath

  • Presidential Designee

    Loree Morehouse

Ex Officio Voting Members

  • VCSU President

    Dr. Tisa Mason

Ex Officio Non-Voting Members

  • Larry Robinson¬†
  • Kim Hesch
  • Loree Morehouse